Eyelash extensions


We all know that nothing makes an impact like beautiful eyes. From first glance to first love, the eyes have it all. Everyone has beautiful eyes, it just might not be obvious to others and quite often, the beholder. That’s where eyelash extensions come onto the frame – the secret to releasing the beauty of our eyes. And when it comes to the masters of revealing this beauty, Delashcious at Mosman is a lash above the rest.

Samantha Vo and her team of experts at the revolutionary single lash extension technique provide a custom look to each and every client, a look which complements one’s own unique features and unleashes their real beauty.

Samantha will evaluate how to best enhance your features, applying her extensive experience to your benefit. The shape of the eye and the brow, the position of relative facial points, the colours of the eyes and tones of the skin, the natural health and thickness of the lashes and the desired effect you seek; each of these is considered before applying the premium lash extension ‘palette’.
Delashcious eyelash extensions look completely natural yet offer an extra dimension and dazzle. The specialised single lash technique used by Delashcious is safe, pain free and takes about 45 minutes. All you have to tie is lie back, soak up the ambient aromas and sounds – and relax.
Arise – with your face uplifted by the subtle yet stunning fit of your lashes, your face refreshingly framed and your eyes now opened up to the world. The result is luscious. The effect is Delashcious.