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Samantha Vo, founder and owner of Delashcious, has been involved in the development of the unique single lash application technique since its inception in 2004.
As a young girl growing up in rural Vietnam, Samantha was soon to see education as the path to advancing her outlook and life. Against considerable adversity, including the scarcity of opportunities affording young women education in her home town, Samantha completed secondary school and set about further study, for which she was required her to leave her home and family.
After years of study and a decade of running her own beauty business in Vietnam, establishing herself as an expert practitioner of the single lash beauty technique, Samantha yearned to bring it to the world — and in 2007, eventually left for Sydney.

Working part time to support herself around continued study, Samantha introduced the revolutionary single lash technique to Australia and was soon welcomed with open eyes as clients appreciated her personal flair and knack for reading faces and styles. In 2010, Samantha established of her own salon, Delashcious, through which she further cultivated her reputation as a leader in the use of a leader of the single lash extension technique.
Today Delashcious is a thriving business driven by a young woman’s passion for impeccable client care, and now receives client requests across Australia and overseas.

Samantha Vo

  ” The more I bring out your eyes the more I bring out my own. When your eyes smile my own smile in kind.” 

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